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About Word Counter

WORDS COUNTER is a word count and character count tool. Just place the cursor in a box and start typing , it will automatically count the words . You also can check the data you have already written.
It is an extension from chrome and a web version of Firefox, that provides an extensive report without an extra click, about the number of words ,characters and sentences or everything that is being done. In content writing , it is very important for an author to know the number of his/her words. It will help the author to know that how minimum or maximum number he is required to write.
Words counter tool provides valid information that helps them to recognize the value of key words and also shows the top 10 keywords .It prevents you from the excessive use of keywords or any other word in the content. It is important in defining typing and writing speed.
It also maximizes your productivity. It not only help you in the calculation of your words but also beneficial in the calculation of characters as well. It provides detailed report about the number of sentence s, paragraphs, average length and key word density. It has something related to java kit script. It gives description that how many times have you had to launch an entire word processor just to find.
The procedure of checking or numbering or words just cut and paste your content in the box and it will tell you about the number. Simply it tells you in how much time time how many words you can write.

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