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META DATA is about data about data, actually initially it was used in libraries catalogues, but with the passage of time as the information got digital it also got digital. 

There are basically two types of it, structural meta data that tells about the structure and specification of the content and other one is descriptive data that tells about the individual instances of application data or data content. 

There are some controversies over it ,but its value depends on who you ask. If you want to analyze any content you just paste your URL and it will analyze any particular web page and display the data title , description and key words. One can use this tool at ones own discretion in order to identify any issue about websites or to access to competitors if u need an inspiration or a perspective of your own. 

The main purpose of meta data is to facilitate in the discovery of relevant information , moreover often classified as resource discovery. It also helps to organize electronic resources, provide digital identification, and helps support archiving and preservation of the resource. It also provide a relevant criteria to bring the similar content together and also to distinguish the dissimilar data. 

International standards also apply to meta data. Much work is incessantly accomplished in the national and international communities, specially ANSI and ISO. 

It has also been divided in some categories such as technical, business, process and data on internet. 
Meta data can be stored either eternally or externally, in a separate file or field from the described data. 
Each database relational system has its own mechanism for storing database. 
1. Tables for all tables in a database, their name, size and number of rows in each table.
2. Tables of columns in each database, what tables they are used in and the type of data stored in each column.

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