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About Domain Authority

DOMAIN AUTHORITY is one of the main and important tools as far as SEO is concerned. It is a Google ranking factor related to the reputation, popularity and trust of a website in the field of online business out of google. Its a kind or trust that google verifies that the website is fake or not, because the fake websites do not get domain authority from the Google and get black listed by the search engine . It can also be said that it is a kind of license that google gives to a website after checking the quality of a website. And this trust is developed by the reputation of a links nad other metrics that come to a website. The problem is that no one is aware of the fact that how Google checks the reputation and popularity of a website? The simple answer is domain checking tool.
So simply we can say that the main function of domain authority checker tool is that it checks the reputation of a website and helps in search engine ranking. 

Our next point is that how domain authority tool works? Simple answer is that seotoolworld is available for the solution of this problem and its metrics are available on lot of SEO and online marketing platforms on the web worldwide. Just enter your domain name in the box given in the domain authority tool, click on the check and it will tell all about the website like domain authority, page authority, root domains, total links and finally the status of domain. Domain authority tool actually works on a logarithmic scale of 100 points. Thus to score 30 to 40 signals get easier than scoring 70 to 80. The safe way of using backlinks in order to rank a primary money site without any penalization, is domain authority stacking.

The need of using domain authority tool arises when one wants to compare one's website with other websites. And the authority of a domain is created by the age of domain, how wide domain is and examples and gaining of a domain.

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