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ALEXA RANK CHECKER TOOL is a subsidiary company founded by an American web entrepreneurs Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat in 1996, and was acquired by in 1999.
Its toolbars collect data on browsing behavior and submit it to the alexa website, where it is stored and analyzed. According to it website it provides traffic data and global ranking on 30 million websites and its website is visited by almost over 30 million people .
Alexa rank checker tool gives suggestions to internet users on where they have to go next, based on traffic patterns of its users. It offered context to each site visited, to whom it was registered, about the number of page, how many other websites pointed to it and frequently it was updated.
The alexa extension accompanies you as you surf, provides you with alexa data about the sites that you visited without any interruption in your browsing.
It is for top level domain only. It will never give you separate ranking of subpages within a domain.It decides the ranking of a website by the number of users of unique users who visit the site in one day. Pageviews are the total calculation of alexa user URL requests for a site, but the same request by the same user on same day are counted as a single page view.
Alexa rank checker does not accurately rank the low measured traffic because its limits are based on data statistically. Having not enough resources of data to make the ranking beyond 100,000 and it is meaningful statistically.
Many web developers and business folk rely on the alexa for the site traffic, because by the value of data, which adds credibility, it increases its independent valuation. By this more likely advertisers will come and knock your door willing to give you some of their ad budget. There are 12 ways to improve the alexa ranking of of a website.
Some web masters are of the view that alexa rank checker is a waste of time because recently Patricia from Lavender uses wrote an article entitled “Alexa, have I upset or offended you?”It was a funny article because it probably written by those who are not aware of the value of this tool, but I think it is compulsory for one who first get started with marketing interest.

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